Beams and Framing Joists

Beams and framing joists with complete and natural interior ceilings after form removal
Beams and framing joists from Träullit are cost-effective, versatile, and functional products for casting concrete beam structures. The cement-bonded wood wool boards are placed in the bottom of the concrete mold and are cast into place, providing a complete and natural interior ceiling with many functional characteristics after form removal — no additional installation is required.

Our assortment of products for beams and framing joists consists of Träullit Standard and Träullit SBS.


Träullit Standard

Träullit Standard is a cement-bonded wood wool board that is developed for casting concrete beams and framing joists. The product is placed at the bottom of the concrete mold and is cast into place, presenting a complete, functional, and cost-effective interior ceiling directly after the casting form is removed — no additional installing is required.
With characteristics like sound absorption, thermal insulation, heat accumulation, moisture regulation, fire protection, and resilience to mold and rot, Träullit Standard is an excellent option for industrial premises, warehouses, parking garages, and other larger open-space constructions.

Träullit SBS

Träullit SBS is a cement-bonded wood wool board for concrete frames and beams in constructions that require supplementary insulation. The product is equipped with clasps for locking the additional insulation in place. It is placed at the bottom of the concrete mold with the insulation placed in between the clasps. After adding reinforcement grids, the assembly is cast into place. In the finished construction, the Träullit wood wool boards hang suspended from the clasps with the additional insulation in between them and the concrete beam structure.