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Träullit Noise Barrier

Natural soundproofing and noise-reducing barriers
Träullit Noise Barriers are high-performing, natural sound absorbers that effectively reduce and prevent high levels of environmental noise from traffic, highways, trains, and urban settings. The product offers mechanic strength, withstands external force, harsh weather, and is resistant to moisture, frost and other environmental factors. Träullit Noise Barrier can be painted in any desired color to better blend in with its surroundings without impeding its sound-absorbing characteristics.

Installing noise-reducing barriers along heavily congested roads and train tracks will reduce unneccessarily high levels of noise and, by doing so, create a more healthy and restful urban soundscape for everyone who populate or visit these areas.

Renowned and effective sound-absorption

The continous increase of cars, trains, trams and intercity traffic has lead to unacceptable levels of environmental noise in innumerable urban areas. Noise pollution has become one of the largest environmental causes of health problems, with long-term exposure to noise causing a variety of health effects including annoyance, sleep disturbance and negative impacts on the cardiovascular and metabolic system.

Träullit Noise Barriers are renowned and effective noise-reducing barriers for urban environments. They have an open and homogenous surface structure that efficiently entraps and reduces sound waves. With a sound-absorbing effect that can reduce noise by up to 10 dB, Träullit Sound Barriers help create a more healthy and restful urban soundscape for everyone who populate or visit these areas.

A product for demanding and harsh environments

Träullit Noise Barrier is an eco-friendly and renewable product consisting of locally grown Swedish spruce, water, and cement — nothing else. The unique composition of materials provide several functional features that make for an exceptional acoustic product that is especially suited for harsh and demanding environments.

Träullit Noise Barriers contains no closed cells and has an effective moisture diffusivity and air permeability. It can be saturated with rainwater and dried without affecting its characteristics. This, in combination with its high pH, makes it very resistant to moisture, frost, mold or rot. The bonding agent, cement, provides a solid mechanic strength and an impact resistant surface that withstands external influence.

Adaptable constructions in customizable options

To efficiently absorb noise, Träullit Noise Barriers should be installed facing the source of the sound. A solid material, such as cover boarding, minerit boards, cellulose fiber reinforced cement panels or pressure treated wood panels, is placed on the opposite side to stop the sound transmission.

Träullit Noise Barriers are customizable to fit its surroundings. To better blend in, it can be painted in any RAL or NCS-color without impeding any of its functional characteristics.

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