How to order?

Träullit is an international manufacturer of cement-bonded wood wool products. From our headquarters and production facility in Ydre in Sweden we produce and deliver natural building and decorative products to customers all over the world.

How do I order?

Träullits entire assortment of products is sold directly to building suppliers and construction entrepreneurs. However, our products are also available from many building suppliers throughout the country for private commerce. To locate your local reseller, please use the map found under “Resellers” or by clicking here.

How do I get an offer?

For offers, please contact any of our sales representatives that are listed on our contact page or via Include information about the size and complexity of your project in regards to products, quantities, and dimensions and we will provide you with a complete offer within short.

Can I order samples?

Yes. To order samples, please contact us via email or phone. All of our contact information can be found here. Do you need samples in larger sizes or specific colors? Just let us know and we will help you out.

Do you have requirements for minimum order quantities?

No. We do not place any demands on minimum order quantities and will accommodate any order regardless of volume.

How long is the time of delivery?

We manufacture on a make-to-order basis. Normal production lead time and delivery lead time is between 3-4 weeks but can vary depending on desired quantities and current stock. We offer free shipping on all orders over 50000 SEK excluding VAT. Additional delivery and unloading aid will be charged.

I have additional questions. Who do I contact?

For further inquiries and for personal assistance regarding Träullits products, orders, delivery time, and similar, please contact us via or via our phone exchange, +46 381-60114.

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Can you use Träullits products outdoors?

Yes. As long as they are installed in protection from heavy rainfall, our products will be not affected by outdoor use. If the product is to be painted prior to outdoor installment, we recommend using exterior paint that is specially developed for outdoor purposes.

What is the fire-resistance rating of Träullits products?

Cement is the bonding agent in our products which provides very high resistance to fire. Träullit Wall Element, our unique building system for cement-bonded wood wool walls, holds the highest fire rating available, REI360, and will withstand full fire for up to six hours. Träullit Acoustic, our versatile sound absorber, is type-approved as protective cladding with class 1 coating and contains, in accordance with EN13501-1, fire-resistance rating B s1-d0. Click here to view the fire report.

How do I install Träullits products?

Our products are developed for a wide variety of constructions and purposes. Therefore, the process of installing Träullit products will vary. For detailed descriptions and how-to guides, please see the separate instructions that are available for our products under documents.

How do you avoid moisture-related movements and shrinkage?

Prior to installation, our products require acclimatization in the same space where the installation will take place and at an air temperature that matches the one post-installation. This will minimize any moisture-related movements as the material strives to achieve the same moisture content as its surroundings.

How many screws does each individual Träullit panel require?

Our products come in various dimensions and sizes. See below for our recommendations regarding amount of screws required per Träullit panel:

Dimension (mm)
25x600x600 — 4 pcs
25x600x1200 — 6 pcs
25x600x2400 — 10 pcs
50x600x600 — 4 pcs
50x600x1200 — 8 pcs
50x600x2400 — 12 pcs

Can Träullit products be painted?

Yes. All of our products can be painted without impeding their functional characteristics and sound absorption. Besides our standard colorways, we offer to paint our products in any desired color with reference to NCS or RAL color codes. If you wish to paint our products after they have been installed it is important to alternate the direction of paint strokes to ensure all cavities are completely covered — roughly 500 g of paint is required per m².

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