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Hulta Torg

The new apartment building in Hulta Torg, Borås, is 17 stories high and has, together with a new plaza, parking garage, and supermarket, brought new life and motion to the area.

The architect firm Krook & Tjäder sought to create a warm atmosphere with good acoustics in the stairwells of the apartment building. Our Träullit Acoustic ceiling panels were chosen and painted in custom colorways of rust that become increasingly lighter in color the further up in the building they are installed. Chief architect, Ulla Dahlqvist, expressed great satisfaction with both the rustic and homely atmosphere our products create as well as the result their functional characteristics have on the standards of living.

Product: Träullit Acoustic
Color: Rusty red, specified through NCS
Thickness: 25 mm
Wool width: Discrete, 1,5 mm
Dimensions: 25x600x1200 mm
Edge: Chamfered edge (Edge B)




Johanna Hallin