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Träullit Acoustic

For a comfortable acoustic atmosphere and indoor climate
Träullit Acoustic is a natural and versatile building material with many functional characteristics. The combination of wood wool and cement creates an airy, thermally insulating, and sound-absorbing structure as well as the provision of fire resistance, moisture persistence, and mechanical strength. The material has an open surface structure that continuously absorbs and emits moisture into the air: an ability that equalizes the levels of humidity and contributes to a pleasant indoor climate that is beneficial for both comfort and health. Träullit Acoustic accumulates heat which is released when air temperatures fall. This creates a comfortable indoor climate with minor fluctuations in air temperature, contributing to both lower energy costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Träullit Acoustic is an ideal interior ceiling for public premises, restaurants, schools, libraries, stairwells, villas, wet rooms, and venues for sports and events. The product is also suitable as a demountable suspended ceiling or as wall-mounted acoustic panels. 

The unique composition of wood wool from Swedish spruce, cement, and water presents a multitude of functional characteristics such as excellent sound absorption, fire resistance, heat accumulation, and the equalization of moisture in the ambient air.

An excellent sound absorption

Träullit Acoustic has an open and homogenous surface structure that is constructed to entrap and reduce sound waves. As an acoustic product, the material has a sound-absorbing effect that can reduce noise by up to 10 dB. A reduction of only 3 dB is perceived as halving of the sound. 

Träullit Acoustic is a natural, high-quality sound absorbent. It is an excellent choice for social environments where people interact and connect; in schools, office spaces, lobbies, libraries, museums, cafées, restaurants, and open-plan premises.

An ideal indoor climate

Träullit Acoustic is moisture resistant and equalizes air humidity by consistently absorbing and emitting moisture into the ambient air. This natural moisture buffering both enhances the indoor climate and lowers energy costs as it reduces fluctuations in the room temperature. Due to the materials’ high pH, it is unsusceptible to mold and rot. As a result, Träullit Acoustic is exceptionally suitable for environments that are characterized by high levels of humidity and activities, such as sports centers and natatoriums.

Function and performance

To conceal cabling, roof vents, and similar, Träullit Acoustic can be installed on an innovative metal system for suspended ceilings with carrying rails and cross-sections. Secured with patented, high-grade metal clips, it will provide a fast and solid installation of a perpendicular suspension system that is specifically designed for the various dimensions of Träullit Acoustic. The ceiling suspension system can also be fitted with metal hatches or foldable sections to further facilitate cabling, maintenance, and inspection.

Fire resistance and safety

Träullit Acoustic is a fire-resistant material that is type-approved as protective cladding with a class 1 coating (B-s1, d0). A 25 mm Träullit Acoustic, installed together with a 13 mm plasterboard, is approved as EI30 in wooden laths, 400 mm center-to-center, in a wooden structure.

Eco-friendly constructions

Träullit Acoustic is an organic and renewable material with very low emissions. It consists of locally grown Swedish spruce, water, and cement — nothing else. It allows for green, eco-friendly construction and decoration, providing a healthy atmosphere for both humans and animals.

Träullit Acoustic has undergone Environmental Product Declaration testing (EPD). Evaluations by SundaHus Miljödata and Byggvarubedömningen, a non-profit organization that analyzes the environmental influence of products in the construction sector, indicate low environmental impact. Furthermore, Träullit Acoustic received outstanding scores when reviewed by ECOProduct, a product evaluation certificate based on third-party verified environmental declarations, with international standards and references as the basis for evaluation. 

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