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Recycling constructions: from a market hall to a padel center

In one of Sweden’s largest construction recycling projects, the temporary market hall on Östermalmstorg has been given new life in the form of a padel center. The building was disassembled in parts and transported from Stockholm to Mölnlycke, just outside Gothenburg, where it today offers six double courses for padel, a restaurant, conference room, café, and a shop.

Östermalmshallen Padel is located in Wallenstam’s new urban development project Mölnlycke Fabriker, adjacent to almost 700 new homes. The building is designed by architect firm Tengbom who has adapted the building to its new location and function for the client Wallenstam AB. To the temporary market hall, Träullit delivered our T-roof — a cantilevered roof construction with a built-in acoustic solution — which is now completely reused in the new padel center. For corridors, restaurants, and conference rooms, we have delivered Träullit Acoustic with our new D-edge, installed in MX24 ceiling profiles by Carlunds Bygg & Akustikteknik. This construction with suspended ceiling panels provides a concealed and completely demountable installation and functional properties such as sound absorption, fire protection, and moisture-balancing.

“The project shows how advantageous pre-fabricated wooden structures can be as a building material,” says Mark Humphreys, office manager at Tengbom in Stockholm, who was responsible for the project. “It made it easy to adapt the building to its new function, even though we did not plan for this recycling from the beginning. It has also been easy to dismantle and move the building. It is a valuable lesson for us, as reusing and recycling is an increasingly important part of an architect’s everyday life “.

The temporary market hall is an award-winning building that has won the Design S award in the Architecture 2016 category, the Architizer A+ Award in the Commercial Retail 2017 category, and the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s Urban Environment Award 2017. It has also been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2016 and Stockholm Building of the Year 2017. Now, it is also one of Sweden’s largest construction recycling projects and a fantastic example of how functional materials and good architecture create the foundation for long-term sustainability within construction. We are very proud to be a part of this groundbreaking project!