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The Nordic Color Collection

Together with strategic colorist Hildur Blad, Träullit has created a curated color collection that is sprung from our Nordic nature. The Nordic Color Collection offers new opportunities to creatively build and decorate with Träullit Acoustic, our high-performing, versatile and aesthetic wood wool product for natural interior ceilings or wall-mounted acoustic panels.

If we observe our Nordic nature with greater awareness of the colors in our surroundings we will find an abundance of different hues, shades, and gradients. What is distinctive is how they behave together, the extent to which they occur, and how they change over the seasons, weather, or time of day. The Nordic Color Collection consists of eight colors that will add color and character to the room in a subtle way. They fit large surfaces, different types of settings, rooms, and interiors, and are easy to combine with other colors and materials. Furthermore — they match each other!

The Nordic Colors are Glänta, Frodig, Sandstrand, Fjälltopp, Sommarkväll, Klipphäll, Syrén, and Dimma — a selection of colors that stem directly from our Nordic nature that will add an aesthetic elegance to various different contexts. Despite that its surface is as large as the floor, ceilings are often forgotten when we add color to a room. With the Nordic Color Collection, you get another tool on how to communicate with color. Color the ceiling and create new impressions – it’s up to you to decide the feeling!

Do you want to know more? Click here to view and download the brochure for the Nordic color collection.

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