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Hjortsten Swimming Pool

The Hjortsten Swimming Pool offers both indoor- and outdoor swimming pools for family leisure and exercise — a 25-meter pool, a hot pool, a water park with water slides, and a children’s play area.

To achieve an evenly balanced relative humidity, Träullit Roof Element was chosen as the exterior roof construction. With its open surface structure, the product is exceptional in balancing the relative humidity in the ambient air. The mineral bonded wood wool has the inherent ability to absorb moisture in the air without condensation. This moisture buffering characteristic works like natural climate control, enhancing the indoor climate and lowering energy costs as it reduces fluctuations in the room temperature. This is of great significance for the health and well-being of the individuals who populate these areas, especially in wet rooms and other premises subjected to high levels of activity and humidity. In addition, Träullit Roof Elements provide excellent sound absorption, resulting in comfortable acoustics and a calmer soundscape.



Photographer :

Lars Dahlgren