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Villa Rydsnäs

This traditional Scandinavian villa is beautifully located on the tip of a headland gazing over the waterfront. The house is constructed with our Träullit Wall Elements, our unique building system of prefabricated cement-bonded wood wool elements, offering functional characteristics like thermal insulation, sound absorption, heat storage, moisture-balancing, and fire protection at a very low total cost. This results, together with the interior ceiling of Träullit Acoustic, in a very comfortable and restful indoor climate. We are very proud to have delivered yet another functional, sustainable, and organic house!

Product: Träullit Wall Element — Träullit Acoustic
Colors: Plastered exterior walls — White Cement
Thickness: 400 mm — 25 mm
Wool widths: Normal 2,5 mm — Discrete 1,5 mm
Dimensions: Customized — 25x600x2400 mm
Edges: Chamfered edges (Edge B)




Johan Lang